relationship between our business and SDGs

We’d like to explain the relationship between our business and SDGs.

"Sustainable Development Goals" better known as SDGs were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. They are now the shared goals of many countries, companies, governments, organizations and the general public. Society and business activities are interrelated, so if there is no social stability, there will be no business stability.

With this in mind, many companies are working towards the goals of the SDGs.
We have also set a management policy looking ahead to 2030 and beyond. We launched “the medium-term management plan”, and it illustrates the roles we intend on playing in order to realize a sustainable future.

The Kumagai Gumi Group has adopted “the Medium-Term and Long-term Management Direction” announced in November 2017, and has expressed our intention to strengthen management with ESG’s in mind.
In April 2019, we formulated the ESG Initiative Direction, identified key issues in our group's long-term business development, and clarified our targets concerning related SDGs.
Based on the long-term vision presented in the Medium-Term Management Plan formulated this year, we coordinated the relationships between our business activities and the SDGs, and will engage in promotion of the SDGs. As a group, we will contribute to solving social issues.

The ESG / SDGs Matrix.

We have compiled an ESG / SDGs matrix and published it in our corporate report issued this summer. The ESG / SDGs Matrix associates business activities with SDGs. It shows how we’re trying to work on these social issues in our daily efforts.

The column on the left shows key and specific issues and business initiatives for us. SDGs are on the rows and marked in related places.
The Matrix is designed to help us understand our current strengths and weaknesses, and help us manage risks while also identifying future business opportunities.
It can also be used to strengthen relationships and trust with stakeholders, appeal to investors, and collaborate with other companies.