Man-made disasters as well as natural disasters caused by earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, etc. We never know when a disaster will strike us. We want to protect people's lives, lifestyles, and property from disasters. This strong desire has given birth to technology for building structures that are resistant to disasters and technology for recovering from disasters. We at Kumagai Gumi have worked for many years to develop technology in preparation for disasters.

Earthquake Countermeasures
Earthquake countermeasures by general contractors means ensuring that social infrastructure and buildings can continue being used even after an earthquake. This means conducting antiseismic reinforcement for existing buildings and using antiseismic designs in compliance with the relative laws for new buildings.
  • Technological Points
    • "Earthquake Countermeasures" PointsThe most important thing is preventing buildings from collapsing whether they be existing or new buildings. For existing buildings we perform strength reinforcement and damping reinforcement to improve the antiseismic performance of the entire building. For new buildings we use antiseismic designs that match the buildings application.

      Representative Technologies:Vibration control construction method
  • Representative Technologies
    • Vibration control construction method
    • Aseismic reinforcing method for plain concrete bridge pier
    • Aseismic lap construction method
    • New construction method of base isolation foundation concrete
    • Steel slit damper
    • Seismic base isolation retrofit construction method of existing building
Disaster Response
Disaster response is the measures that are taken after an earthquake occurs. We take measures to repair the disruption to social infrastructure and so that buildings can be immediately used again.
  • Technological Points
    • "Disaster Response" PointsThe important point is how fast the response can be taken after a disaster occurs. When lives are at stake in particular, a response within 72 hours is necessary, so we must be prepared on a daily basis to be able to respond.

      Representative Technologies:Unmanned information construction system
  • Representative Technologies
    • Unmanned information construction system
    • Disaster traffic measures
    • Next generation technology for unmanned construction method; Extended high-performance remote control room
    • Automatic traveling technology of transferring vehicle(crawler carriers) on rough terrain
    • High-performance remote control room at unmanned construction method
    • Practical application of remote operation system of CAN control vehicle
Fire Resistance
Even if a fire starts, people will be able to escape the building if fire resistant materials are used. Further, if the building's important structural elements, such as pillars, girders, walls, and floors, do not burn and collapse, people will be able to escape even from high floors.
  • Technological Points
    • "Fire Resistance" PointsWhile striving to achieve fit, it is important to prevent major structural elements from burning by covering them with fire-proof materials. Steel-reinforced concrete is fundamentally a fire-resistant construction, but steel frames are susceptible to heat and wood burns, so care must be taken when using these materials. Further, the materials used in hybrid construction that has been widely used in recent years require fireproofing.

      Representative Technologies:CFT Fireproof
  • Representative Technologies
    • CFT Fireproof
    • Fireproof of wood
    • Rupture prevention method for ultrahigh strength concrete