Group Vision

Insight, Onsite, Farsight

When we build a structure, we are building a community
– together with the people who will use that space.

Kumagai Gumi constructs and maintains structures where people can congregate and live fulfilling lives while feeling safe and secure. This is our job, our mission.
We deliver Quality that Inspires Happiness by optimizing construction for the people who will use the built space. When putting plans into practice we apply our unique concept of Worksite Excellence – the powerful synergy of our technology and human resources.
Our relationship with our structures continues beyond physical completion. It includes ongoing operation, maintenance, renovation, and restoration. With this ever-ready support, our structures serve as the timeless stage where each generation performs their part in life’s ever-evolving story.

Insight, Onsite, Farsight

We feel a deep responsibility to our clients – built on mutual trust and collaboration – that we have nurtured over our hundred-plus year history. In this spirit, we are committed to taking on the fresh challenges the future will bring.

Working with people, creating community.
Setting the stage for tomorrow to unfold.

Kumagai Gumi group

Quality that Inspires Happiness

What is Quality that Inspires Happiness? It is more than excellence of form and function. To inspire happiness, a structure must bring ongoing satisfaction to the people who use it.

Ultimately this means putting those people first – by thoughtfully considering their needs, hopes and dreams – and incorporating optimized solutions into design and construction. With technology honed through over a century of experience, combined with our workforce of diverse individuals, we of Kumagai Gumi are passionate about creating quality that positively impacts people’s lives in the present and inspires enduring happiness for generations to come.

Worksite Excellence

Kumagai Gumi’s distinctive Worksite Excellence is the synergy of our superior technology leveraged by our diverse workforce.

Worksite Excellence depends on making personal responsibility and accountability the highest priorities for action.

This philosophy is based on the Three Reality Principle of lean construction: observe the actual task being performed, understand the actual situation and take realistic action. At Kumagai Gumi, this is uniquely a company-wide practice, not limited to the physical worksite, or gemba, itself. We empower all staff – whether on-the-ground or in the back office – to apply this principle as a united effort, fully engaged at all times. We call this the Constant-alert Worksite.

Worksite Excellence also requires that we always keep in mind the fact that people will be living their lives at this worksite.

Therefore, we must stand in our customers’ shoes, learning from them, and sharing their concerns and desires. Moreover, we must extend this understanding far into the future, considering the lives and feelings of those who will use the space in the decades ahead. Taking into account all we have learned, we think of all the ways we can be of optimum service to customers and users. Only then do we take action.