Established: April 1, 2005
Revised: April 1, 2018

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Kumagai Gumi”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and considers the protection of personal information to be an important responsibility during corporate activities. In addition to complying with laws related to personal information, we take actions to achieve the appropriate handling and protection of personal information.

The Privacy Policy explains the basic concept of Kumagai Gumi regarding personal information. The Policy applies to personal information collected and used by Kumagai Gumi from shareholders of Kumagai Gumi (hereinafter, “Shareholders”), employees of Kumagai Gumi (hereinafter, “Employees”), and all stakeholders related to Kumagai Gumi (hereinafter, “Customers”).

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Yasunori Sakurano, President

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

When Kumagai Gumi obtains personal information from Customers, Shareholders, and Employees, the purpose of use of that information shall be clearly indicated in advance, and the information shall be used within the scope of that purpose.

To Purpose of Use of Personal Information

2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

Kumagai Gumi shall not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the relevant Customer, Shareholder, or Employee, except in the case of outsourcing of the handling of such information within the scope required for business, with appropriate measures implemented in relation to compliance with the duty of confidentiality, when such is legally authorized. In addition, Kumagai Gumi shall devise internal systems to prevent unauthorized access of personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leaking, etc., of personal information, and shall give maximum effort to implement organizational, human, physical, and technological safety management measures related to the personal information of Customers, Shareholders, and Employees handled by Kumagai Gumi.

3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Codes of Conduct

To protect the personal information of Customers, Shareholders, and Employees, Kumagai Gumi shall comply with the stipulations of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations, etc. Kumagai Gumi shall formulate and implement personal information protection regulations and personal information protection legal compliance manuals to enable compliance with such laws and regulations within the company, and shall ensure that they are followed by all directors, executive officers, and employees, etc.

4. Revision of the Privacy Policy

Kumagai Gumi shall review the Privacy Policy as needed and may revise all or part of the Policy. When Kumagai Gumi has made such revisions, they shall be clearly indicated in this Privacy Policy and shall be released via the website, etc.

5. Continued Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System and Mechanism

Kumagai Gumi makes all executives and employees thoroughly aware of the importance of personal information protection, and shall continually improve the related management system and mechanism.

6. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

In the event that Kumagai Gumi receives a request from the individual or the individual's agent to disclose, revise, terminate use of, or delete personal information, or to terminate provision of such information to a third party, etc., Kumagai Gumi shall accommodate the request promptly within a reasonable scope in accordance with the stipulations of relevant laws.

[Purpose of Use of Personal Information]

[Purpose of Use of Customers' Personal Information]

  1. For Kumagai Gumi to provide customers with information regarding products and services handled in the business specified in the articles of association, make each type of proposal, and make other notifications (billing, payment, changes to or termination of service contents, etc.), conclude, renew, cancel, or execute contracts, or make each type of payment (*1)
  2. To handle confirmation of the identity of the individual, inquiries from the individual, and the contents of requests
  3. To provide each type of guidance related to Kumagai Gumi's business or other notification
  4. To improve and upgrade products and services handled in Kumagai Gumi's business, give marketing recommendations, or develop new products/services
  5. To submit each type of notification document necessary to execute Kumagai Gumi's business, as well as other relevant documents, etc., to customers or other third parties
  6. To make shared use of each type of information (sales information) with relevant Kumagai Gumi Group companies to implement their business (*2)
  7. For on-site construction management, business partner management, and safety management
  8. To carry out other actions related to Kumagai Gumi's business in addition to the above

※1 See the contents of business specified in Kumagai Gumi's articles of association here.

※2 When making shared use of personal information with Kumagai Gumi Group companies, you will be notified in advance of the scope of personal information and parties making shared use.

[Purpose of Use of Shareholders' Personal Information]

  1. To exercise rights or execute duties in accordance with laws and regulations
  2. For Kumagai Gumi to grant each type of benefit in regard to the position as a shareholder
  3. To implement each type of measure to make the relationship between shareholders and Kumagai Gumi smooth from the perspective of the association's constituent members and the association
  4. To create shareholder data in accordance with the prescribed criteria based on each relevant law and regulation, and otherwise manage shareholders

Inquiries regarding personal information

[Matters Regarding "Requests for Disclosure" of Personal Information]

(1) Submittal of requests for disclosure, etc.

Please send requests for disclosure, etc., by postal mail to the following address, with the necessary documents attached to the prescribed application form.
Please also write "Request for Disclosure, etc., Enclosed" in red on the envelope.

Mailing address
Personal Information Inquiries
Legal Affairs and Compliance Department
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
2-1, Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-8557

(2) Documents (forms), etc., to submit when requesting disclosure, etc.

When requesting disclosure, etc., download the application form (A) below, enter all necessary information, and mail it to the address indicated above, along with documents to confirm the identity of the individual (B).

A. Application form designated by Kumagai Gumi

B. Identification confirmation documents

Copy of the individual's driver license or passport 1 copy (However, if the individual does not possess any of the documents indicated to the left, copies of two documents selected from among a seal registration certificate, Family Register, health insurance card, pension booklet, or certificate of alien registration are also acceptable.)

(3) Submittal of requests for disclosure, etc., by an agent

If the person requesting disclosure, etc., is the statutory agent of the individual himself/herself, of a minor, or of an adult ward, and the statutory agent has been given authority by the individual to request disclosure, etc., in addition to the aforementioned documents, please also include documents to confirm the identity of the agent, and the following documents (A or B).

A. Statutory agents

  • Documents verifying possession of the statutory right of representation (a copy of the individual's Family Register, or in the case of parental authority, a copy of an insurance card with the names of dependent family members indicated is also acceptable) 1 set
  • Documents to confirm that the individual is the statutory agent of a minor or adult ward (a copy of the statutory agent's driver license or travel documents/passport) 1 set

B. Delegated agents

  • Certificate of the power of attorney with the individual's seal affixed 1 copy
  • The individual's seal registration certificate 1 copy

(4) Fees for requests for disclosure, etc., and the method of collection

¥800 per individual, per application
Include ¥800 worth of postage stamps with the application materials.

  • However, the aforementioned fee is only required for a "Notification of the Purpose of Use" or a request for "disclosure."
  • If the event that the fee is insufficient, or is not included, you will be notified. However, if payment is not made before the specified deadline, the matter will be handled as if no request for disclosure had been received.

(5) Method of response to requests for disclosure, etc.

A written response, etc., will be sent to address indicated on the applicant's application form.

(6) The "purpose of use" of personal information acquired in relation to requests for disclosure, etc.

Personal information acquired in conjunction with a request for disclosure, etc., is handled only as far as it is required for the request for disclosure, etc. Submitted documents will be stored for two years after completion of the response to the request for disclosure, etc., then destroyed.

Reasons for not disclosing "possessed personal data"
Kumagai Gumi may decide not to disclose information in response to a request for disclosure, etc., in the following cases and in accordance with the stipulations of other laws and regulations. If it is decided that disclosure will not be made, the individual will be notified, including the reason. Please be aware that the prescribed fee is required even if it is decided that disclosure will not be made.

  • The identity of the individual cannot be confirmed, such as when the address indicated on the application form, the address indicated on identifying documents, and the address registered with Kumagai Gumi do not match.
  • The power of representation cannot be confirmed when the application is made by an agent.
  • There is a problem with the prescribed application documents.
  • The information for which disclosure has been requested does not constitute "possessed personal data."
  • It is possible that harm will come to the life, physical health, property, or other rights and interests of the individual or a third party.
  • It is possible that the appropriate implementation of Kumagai Gumi’s business will be significantly hindered.
  • It would violate other laws and regulations

Matters related to the complaint desk

(1) Where to submit complaints regarding the handling of personal information

Complaints regarding the Kumagai Gumi's handling of personal information should be submitted to the following location.

By postal mail
Personal Information Inquiries
Legal Affairs and Compliance Department
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
2-1, Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-8557

By e-mail
Personal Information Inquiries
Legal Affairs and Compliance Department
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.

By telephone or in person
Please be aware that requests by telephone or in person via a direct visit to Kumagai Gumi are not accepted.

(2) Name and complaint desk for accredited personal information protection organizations to which Kumagai Gumi belongs

Currently, Kumagai Gumi does not belong to any accredited personal information protection organizations.

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