Safety and Health/Quality Environmental Policy

Kumagai Gumi will comply with social norms, regulations and in-house standards, establish management systems, and through effective operations will adapt to the changes in the business environment and provide solutions for various tasks.

We will clarify our responsibility and authority, work on improving the capabilities of our employees and specialty constructors through education and training, secure necessary management resources, and continue improving our business activities.

Safety and Health

Place the highest priority on enployees and maintain high standards in safety and health control to prevent industrial accidents, promote health and provide pleasant work environments.


Meet the expectations of our customers and users with our outstanding overall capability and offer construction services that will foster trust.


Aiming for the realization of a sustainable society, reduce environmental damage through our business activities and strive to create a better environment.

We share the above and satisfy the corporation’s social responsibility with all the employees.

April 1, 2018