Since its foundation in 1898, Kumagai Gumi has tirelessly contributed to the development and advancement of society both within Japan and abroad for almost 120 years.

株式会社熊谷組 取締役社長 櫻野 泰則

“I’d like to do work that would ultimately help society.” “If you have any sort of difficult construction work, please let me do it.” These words spoken by the founder of Kumagai Gumi, Santaro Kumagai, are still held in the hearts of our employees, and are the foundation of the Kumagai Gumi spirit that has been cultivated over its long history.

Our society today moves and changes at an unprecedented speed, and people’s lifestyles, ways of living, as well as their values, have become more and more varied. It’s become absolutely essential to deal with social issues from a global perspective. Even with these ever-changing times, it is still our mission not only to safely construct buildings of high quality, but also to be of real help to people who gather there and use them, dealing with customers with care while properly utilizing technology, knowledge, expertise, and our various business networks.

In order to satisfy our customers, the Kumagai Gumi Group vision and businesses shall work in concert and will continue to provide top-quality services.

While staying true to the Kumagai Gumi spirit, which holds as its principles the concepts of integrity and a competitive mindset, we shall aim to be a business with vitality, a business that is brimming with the energy of growth, all the while contributing to a sustainable society.

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Yasunori Sakurano, President