Our society has been destroying the environment for a long time. Environmental destruction has been expanding on a global scale in recent years and exasperating environmental problems, such as the frequent occurrence of extreme weather. The Construction Industry and Environmental Protection These look to be conflicting interests, but that is no longer the case. The activities of today's construction industry make environmental protection a minimum condition. Many technologies are made possible because we are a construction company that has walked together with nature by engaging in environmental protection, environmental restoration, environmental creation, and related activities. We at Kumagai Gumi advocate being "A company that makes the environment No.1."

Natural Environment
Technology for protecting the natural environment is utilized when urban development or regional development construction will change the current state of the natural environment.
  • Technological Points
    • "Natural Environment" PointsTechnological development to protect the natural environment has been undertaken by the industry for a long time. Such technologies as biotope creation to restore and revive areas where organisms can live and native vegetation regeneration utilizing on-site topsoil are employed to proactively engage in preserving biodiversity and ecosystems.

      Representative Technologies:Rooftop greening construction method with ecological consideration
  • Representative Technologies
    • Rooftop greening construction method with ecological consideration
    • Creating environments where fireflies can live
    • Biotope
    • Nekko Chip method
    • Nekko Chip method with high place construction system(Pump pumping method)
    • Vegetation management by drone
Recycling-based and Sustainable Society
To realize a recycling-based and sustainable society we are engage in the effective use of waste, advancing construction equipment energy conservation technology, developing reusable energy production technology, and developing soil contamination restoration technologies among others.
  • Technological Points
    • "Recycling-based and Sustainable Society" PointsSome of our technical development for achieving a recycling-based and sustainable society are technologies for implementing new energies, such as solar power, wind power, and bio-power generation, and developing net zero energy buildings (ZEB) employing highly efficient equipment and systems.

      Representative Technologies:Self-propelled radiation 2D distribution measurement system using plastic scintillation fiber
  • Representative Technologies
    • Self-propelled radiation 2D distribution measurement system using plastic scintillation fiber
    • ZEB・Energy conservation technology
    • Processing technology for oil contaminated soil(SRS:Super Cyclone System)
    • Verification project on fuel production by indigenous algae from Fukushima
    • Chura pile construction method;Method for cleaning oil contaminated soil
The problem of waste is one of the important issues relating to environmental concerns. Kumagai Gumi is solving the environmental pollution problem at final disposal sites with technology for building high-function final disposal sites as well technology for managing them.
  • Technological Points
    • "Waste" PointsWe are working on high-function technologies for final disposal sites, such as advanced technologies for waste storing and purification functions that are required for managed final disposal sites and that match the site conditions and types of waste as well as technology for highly reliable landfill seepage impervious structures that reduce the pollution risk.

      Representative Technologies:Disposal site structure:Final disposal site total structure system -Cross-
  • Representative Technologies
    • Disposal site structure:Final disposal site total structure system -Cross-
    • Water shielding structure:KM liner(Detection system integrated water barrier structure system)
    • Roofing system
    • Cassette system
    • Leachate capacity adjusting calculation system
    • Separation system
Construction Environment
The environmental changes caused by construction can affect the construction site and neighboring areas. Simulations and experiments must be conducted from the planning stage and the corresponding countermeasures proposed.
  • Technological Points
    • "Construction Environment" PointsThe post-construction environment is also taken into consideration by employing such technologies as those for three-dimensional visualization of the wind environment, which is invisible to the eye, and for predicting and evaluating the wind environment around the building and wind-resistance performance.

      Representative Technologies:Visualization technology of wind environment using virtual reality
  • Representative Technologies
    • Visualization technology of wind environment using virtual reality
    • Wind noise prevention of railway suspension wire fittings