Professionalism to Improve Added Value

Kumagai Gumi gathers together excellent work, products, and services from both inside and outside Japan to provide proposals as a construction professional and thereby achieve spaces and functions with high added-value.

Partnerships with Business Partners

Kumagai Gumi and its business partners work together based on a foundation of trust to build a relationship that enables both parties to grow via fair, clear, and rational business dealings.

Innovations for Computerization

Kumagai Gumi promotes computerization to achieve an advanced supply chain and strives to promote reforms that focus not only on making our business more efficient but also that of our business partners.

[Guidelines on purchasing work]

These guidelines were formulated in 1998 based on our internal "purchasing management regulations" as code of conduct guidelines for all employees involved in purchasing work in order to maintain transparency in business partner selection and prevent risks before they occur.
 Based on these guidelines, we conduct purchasing work that ensures fairness, clarity, and rationality and compliance with the law, from the perspective of the "corporate citizen" ideal extolled in our management philosophy.