“I’d like to do work that would ultimately help society.” These words spoken by the founder of our company, Santaro Kumagai, are the heart and soul of our business, which has continued through several generations for over 120 years since its inception. These words continue to drive our employees to work hard and reach great heights.

Times may change, society's values evolve, and social issues will continue to shift over time, but through our business activities, our hope to be of use to both the customer and society will never change.

It’s not only about construction but also about being able to respond to and help solve various social challenges. As such, we will always be focused on increasing our technological prowess, strengthening our human-power, and contributing to a sustainable society.

We take pride in being number one in safety, quality, and environmentally-friendly activities. While forging a future of new values, we aim to do business that can be completely trusted by our stakeholders.

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Yasunori Sakurano, President