Award from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for an excellent healthy and safe workplace

Orderer Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
Completion 2015
Structure and scale Railway bridge, bridge lower structure work (31 bridge piers, 4 abutments), bridge upper structure work (32 span PC/RC bridge): 1,085m; railway tunnel, NATM method, excavation cross-section: 80m²; tunnel length: 580m
Location Yamanashi Prefecture
Application Railway bridge, railway tunnel

Construction was conducted for the Koyama Elevated Bridge, etc. (total length: 1,986m; bridge: 1,085m; roadbed work: 321m; tunnel: 580m and power conversion substation site preparation) in the Koufu Basin on the Yamanashi Linear Test Line. It is one of the few points where the Yamanashi Linear Test Line can be seen above the ground.