Initiatives for Promoting Green Purchasing

When purchasing construction equipment, Kumagai Gumi promotes green purchasing that uses recycled products and products with reduced environmental impact where possible.
We have selected approximately 30 types of civil engineering work equipment and 60 types of building work equipment for green purchasing from those defined by the national government as eco-friendly goods*s. There are more types for building work green purchasing because many types of materials are used for construction.

Kumagai Gumi uses a green purchasing rate** as the index for green purchasing achievement, and raising the rate of equipment subject to green purchasing leads to an increase in the achievement rate. In order to promote green purchasing, the purchase of equipment other than the above can be included as green purchasing equipment if their environmental consideration is guaranteed.

We have set targets for fiscal 2020 and conduct green purchasing at all of our work sites.
- Target for building work: 15% or higher green purchasing rate (**)
- Target for civil engineering work: 21% or higher green purchasing rate (**)

* Eco-friendly goods: From "Green Purchasing" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

** Green purchasing rate: The ratio of green purchasing products purchased per 100 million yen of construction work