Environmental Considerations in Planning and Design

Adopting CASBEE Evaluation

Environmental considerations at the planning and design stage lead to reduced environmental impact over the entire lifecycle of a building.
Kumagai Gumi has adopted CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) evaluation from 2005 in order to evaluate our environmental design.
Third party evaluations are performed to clarify evaluations and initiatives related to environmental design.
The number of evaluators for the CASBEE assessment system has reached the top level in the industry, and we will continue to work towards the social proposition of reducing our environmental impact.

Overview of CASBEE

CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) is a method for evaluating and grading the environmental performance of buildings. The system performs comprehensive evaluations that include not only environmental considerations such as saving energy and using equipment with low environmental impact, but also the building quality, including indoor comfort and landscape considerations.
CASBEE was developed by a research committee established in April 2001 through the collaboration of academia, industry and national and local governments, under the auspice of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.