Orderer Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.
Completion 2014
Structure and scale Flood way tunnel: finish cross-section: 32m², total length=2,483m (excavation cross-section 46m²); concrete (building frame) construction: 3,200m³; earthwork: 80,000m³, cutting volume 300,000m³
Location Hokkaido
Application Hydroelectric power station

Kyogoku Hydroelectric Power Station is a pure water pumping-type power station that generates a maximum output of 600 thousand kW (200 thousand kw x 3 units) using a gross head of approximately 400m between a pool-type upper regulating reservoir on a plateau in northern Kyogoku Town, Abuta County, Hokkaido and the Kyogoku Dam (lower regulating reservoir) on the upstream of the Pepenai River of the Shiribetsugawa River that flows through Kyogoku Town. Kumagai Gumi was responsible for the flood way tunnel, flood way, draft tunnel, pressure-control tank, etc., for this project.