Received FY2016 Japan Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

Orderer Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau
Completion 2017
Structure and scale Earth retaining earthwork (upper and lower level): 18,140m³; head portion unstable earth removal work (rounding): approximately 17,000m³; work road 1 (Kumamoto side): 360m; work road 2 (Oita side): 198m; head work road: 1,262m; gully erosion prevention work, midslope collapsed soil removal work: approximately 20,000m³
Location Kumamoto Prefecture
Application Disaster recovery

Large-scale slope damage occurred in the Aso Ohashi Bridge area as a result of the Kumamoto Earthquake on April 16, 2016, and National Road 57, JR Hohi Main Line, and Aso Ohashi Bridge connected to National Road 57 (National Road 325) located at the bottom of the slope were washed away. In response to the risk of further collapse due to falling rain and aftershocks, etc., the latest unmanned construction technology, i−Construction, was incorporated in an integrated manner to conduct safe and quick work, and an unprecedented emergency disaster response was achieved as a result.