KWJ JV Awarded Contract for Jakarta Sewerage Development Project (Zone 1), ICB Civil Works (Package 2 & 3) Construction of Sewers in Jakarta, Indonesia - Redevelopment of Overseas Civil Engineering Business -


Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. (President: Yasunori Sakurano, Head Office: Tokyo), PT. WIJAYA KARYA (Persero), Tbk (President: Agung Budi Waskito, Head Office: Jakarta) and PT. JAYA KONSTRUKSI MANGGALA PRATAMA, Tbk (President: Umar Ganda, Head Office: Jakarta), forming a 3 company joint venture KWJ JV, has announced that it has been awarded the contract by Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Republic of Indonesia for construction of sewers in Jakarta.

1. Current Situation in Jakarta

Republic of Indonesia is one of the most populous country in Southeast Asia, whereas the coverage rate of sewerage system currently remains at approx. 12% in Jakarta. Domestic wastewater is discharged into the rivers directly and poor water environmental is conspicuous, and also Escherichia coli has been found from well water. Under these circumstances, due to concerns about health effects, it is urgently necessary for Jakarta to develop of sewerage systems including wastewater treatment plants and sewerage pipelines.

Jakarta has divided the whole Jakarta into 15 zones and planned to develop sewerage systems in stages through “Jakarta Wastewater Management Master Plan” with JICA technical cooperation, Zone 1 and Zone 6 which are located in the center of Jakarta have been decided to develop first.

2. Contract Information

This contract is to construct sewerage pipelines of approx. 38.5km in Zone 1 which has high population density and many commercial facilities such as shopping mall. Pipe jacking method should be suitable to reduce the impact against traffic jam due to heavy traffic area.


Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Republic of Indonesia


Jakarta Sewerage Development Project (Zone 1)
ICB Civil Works (Package 2) Construction of Sewers in Area 1-1
ICB Civil Works (Package 3) Construction of Sewers in Area 1-2


Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

Supervision Consultant

Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd., CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd., PT. Multi Karadiguna Jasa, PT. Yodya Karya JV



Contract Amount

Package 2: Approx. 8.1 billion yen
Package 3: Approx. 16.8 billion yen

Construction Period

1,460days (48 months)

Major Construction Works

Package 2: Pipe Jacking Approx. 14.2km, Shaft 109nos.
Package 3: Pipe Jacking Approx. 24.314.2km, Shaft 162nos.

3. Future Prospects

After 2000s, Kumagai Gumi downsized the overseas business except for Taiwan, especially suspended overseas civil engineering business. Recently, in the light of Japanese Government’s policy of exporting high-quality infrastructure, Kumagai Gumi has redeveloped overseas civil engineering business and was awarded this contract. Going forward, Kumagai Gumi will proactively contribute the infrastructure improvements to solve the social issues (SDGs) of Southeast Asian countries such as traffic jam, flooding and river pollution.

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