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Hiroshi Ohta, President

"Inspiring Our Customers."
This is Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd.'s business credo. Our everyday lives are supported by a multi-faceted social infrastructure. more...

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We introduce our overseas projects.
Civil engineering and construction , buildings, skyscrapers and more...

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Financial Results
Financial Results for the Third Quarter Ended Dec 31 2017.
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Annual Report 2017 is available now.
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We believe CSR is "important in raising our corporate image and achieving our raison d'etre by fulfilling our social responsibility", and we intend to promote it actively and continuously.

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Tsunami Relief Work

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Most coastal areas in Sri Lanka suffered heavy damage due to the giant Tsunamis caused by the major earthquake off the coast of Sumatra.We have been assisting with their recovery. more...

Current Topics

Taiwan Kumagai, one of the group companies of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd, received an order of a semiconductor factory at ¥10.9 billion in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung County, Taiwan. It will be constructed adjacent to the first-phase construction (in operation) which Taiwan Kumagai completed in FY2005. more...