Kumagai Gumi


Social Contribution

Disaster Recovery

Tsunami Relief Work

Tsunami Relief Work

Most coastal areas in Sri Lanka suffered heavy damage due to the giant Tsunamis caused by the major earthquake off the coast of Sumatra on December 26, 2004. We have been assisting with their recovery.

Environment Contribution

The Project for Improvement of Facilities for the Hue Central Hospital in Vietnam

Hue Central Hospital in Vietnam

Currently in Vietnam, regulations dealing with industrial waste are not fully developed yet with some exception of bentonite waste. Also, their awareness of the environment in and around the industrial site and their health remains not so high today.

Culture Contribution

A Mummy Excavated at a Site in Egypt

A Mummy Excaveted at a Site in Egypt

On January 5 2005, Waseda University Institute of Egyptology discovered a wooden coffin that had not been disturbed by grave robbers and was complete with a mummy inside.

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