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Safety Management Policy

Kumagai Gumi has introduced a safety management system to promote proactively safe working practices, the prevention of occupational accidents, the improvement of health, and the creation of a pleasant work environment for the business activities of the whole company. The objective is to achieve improvement in productivity based on this safety philosophy.
We have announced the following items upon the introduction of this safety management system:

  1. To promote the safety management system as an important aspect of our business, and require its continuance and maintenance.
  2. To implement the safety management system properly and provide necessary management resources to achieve this safety goal.
  3. To observe strictly all safety-related laws, in-house safety standards, and other relevant standards and codes of practice, and to seek further and continuous improvement in safety management technology.
  4. To give our employees the responsibility and authority to promote actively the implementation and practice of the safety management system.
  5. To give continuous safety education and training to the employees and our business partners.
  6. To review regularly the safety management system.

We will promote safety management through the whole corporation based on this safety management policy, and also fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate body.


Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.

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