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Quality Management Policy

In addition to observing all the laws and regulations covering construction, and fulfilling contract objectives, our staff is wholeheartedly committed to being customer-oriented. We will fully understand the quality required by our customers and offer construction services that not only give complete satisfaction but also increase their trust in our services. We will promote continuous improvement through the use of our effective quality management system.

The President's Quality Management Policy for Fiscal Year 2006

Dignified and Honest Craftsmanship

I have selected the phrase "honest craftsmanship" as the President’s quality management policy for this term. Since becoming President, I have discussed this theme. By building on this objective day by day, we will create a foundation of craftsmanship and will seek further improvements in our customer focus as we have been doing up to the last term.

Our customers will be able to enjoy our high standards anywhere in Japan when all the branch offices achieve the target evaluation scores set by both civil engineering and architectural construction division managers.
May all the employees fulfill their roles and responsibilities, participate in the challenge to achieve these goals, and make steady progress one step at a time.

July 1, 2013
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.

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