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Environmental Management Policy

Environmental Philosophy

To know the people and the earth, to examine the past, present, and the future,

To maintain harmony with nature, and to create an environment full of long-lasting beauty.

As a corporation involved with design, construction, and aftercare in the field of civil engineering and architectural construction, our company needs to demonstrate that it can use its available technology to the best of its ability to minimize the effects on the environment. Environmental threats are now expanding on a global scale, and we must make great efforts to prevent pollution and reduce the stress on our environment. It is our role and responsibility as a corporate citizen to leave behind a beautiful environment for our descendants.

We have identified the following priorities, each set with a purpose and goal, and we are committed to making continuous improvements by reviewing them in order to meet the needs of ever-changing circumstances.

Priority Issues for Implementation

1. Plans for the Whole Corporate Group

To reduce carbon dioxide emission:
to prevent global warming
To promote green energy:
to conserve natural resources
To promote recycling:
to reduce waste
To design in consideration for the environment:
to consider the environmental impact

2. To Observe Environmental Laws and Regulations

To observe the requirements related to environmental laws and regulations and to achieve other targets we set for ourselves.

July 1, 2013
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.

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