Kumagai Gumi


Legal & Compliance System

At Kumagai Gumi, we emphasize our business philosophy: “We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen that aims to be judged by its conduct in society.” Based on this idea, we as a company adhere to a high standard of corporate ethics and promote compliance with all ethical business practices. We always conduct our business with the fundamental objective to be a corporation that is valued as a corporate citizen, not only by customers, shareholders, and the local community, but all the stakeholders involved with our company.

Our compliance system mainly consists of three internal functions: the self-governing functions by all the departments of the headquarters and its branches, the assisting function by management and other relevant sections, and the audit function by the auditing office.

Also, in addition to the above, the compliance audit committee, an organization independent of the management, regularly assesses compliance and gives recommendations to the management as they deem appropriate.

Compliance system chart

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