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Corporate Profile

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd., with flexible thinking and boundless energy, wants to pursue the values called for by the people in all walks of life -- in towns, cities, bodies of water, and mountains.

We want to build a successful relationship between the people and the environment by constantly refining our technology. Our goal is to make good use of our technology and know-how in order to create a prosperous environment for all the people.

Corporate Name
Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
2-1, Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8557, Japan
Registered Head Office
8-6, 2-chome, Chuo , Fukui-shi, Fukui 910-0006, Japan
Yasunori Sakurano
Business Founded
January 1, 1898
Company Incorporated
January 6, 1938
¥13.3 billion (as of March 31, 2017)
Number of Employees
2,305 (as of March 31, 2017)
Scope of Business
  1. To investigate, survey, plan, design, execute, and supervise construction works, and to give technical guidance, provide general engineering, management, and consulting services in respect thereof and to contract for such works;
  2. To design, manufacture, sell, and lease out construction materials, and machinery for construction and hauling, vehicles and vessels, and other machinery and equipment ancillary or relating thereto, and to contract for related works;
  3. To engage in business relating to the housing industry and to sell, purchase, lease, and act as broker in transactions of real estate, and real estate appraisal;
  4. To investigate, plan, design, execute, supervise construction works, give technical guidance, provide general engineering, management, and consulting services in relation to regional, urban, marine, space, natural resources, and other development projects, and environmental improvement, pollution prevention facilities, etc., and to contract for such works;
  5. To exploit and haul sand and gravel, site development, land reclamation, excavation, and dredging works;
  6. To investigate and treat environmental contamination, in addition to collecting, hauling, treating, and recycling waste, as well as to design, manufacture, sell, and lease out the machinery and equipment ancillary or relating thereto, and to contract for related works;
  7. To maintain and operate buildings and structures as well as their facilities and equipment;
  8. To provide security services and cleaning operations;
  9. To manage hotels, health and medical facilities, assisted living facilities for senior citizens, sports facilities such as golf courses, recreation facilities such as amusement parks, educational and training facilities, shopping centers, and food and beverage facilities;
  10. To plan, build, possess, manage, maintain, and operate roads, railways, harbors, airports, rivers, water and sewage, government buildings, educational and cultural facilities, medical and social welfare facilities, and other public facilities;
  11. To operate roads and expressways, and other travel businesses;
  12. To invest in real estate-related, special purpose corporations, create real estate investment trusts; possess, sell and purchase the interests and trust beneficiary rights thereof;
  13. To generate power, provide energy including electricity and heat, and to engage in the greenhouse gas emission rights trading business;
  14. To produce, process, and sell agricultural products, forest products, and marine products;
  15. To acquire, license, and sell industrial property rights, knowledge, and other computer-related technologies;
  16. To plan, design, manufacture, and lease assistive machinery and equipment for the elderly and disabled;
  17. To plan, design, manufacture, and lease measuring instruments;
  18. To offer brokerage services in casualty and life insurance, to act as an intermediary and/or assistant to casualty insurance companies with regard to specified securities trading businesses, and financial businesses such as lending, guaranteeing obligations, etc.;
  19. To staff companies with temporary workers and to engage in the employment agency business;
  20. To contract administrator jobs, consulting work with regard to management and information systems and various events, provide agency businesses, sell and lease office equipment; and
  21. To engage in businesses related or incidental to any of the above items.

Corporate Mission Statement

(i) To develop client trust and earn their confidence.
(ii) To be consistently professional and responsible.
(iii) To promote cooperation and mutual prosperity.

Management Philosophy

We aim to use our breadth of expertise to design and construct projects, which are environmentally-friendly and which will improve the quality of life and satisfy the needs of society.
We aim to be an innovative and dynamic company, one that can provide our clients with a comprehensive service of consistently high standards, tailored to satisfy our clients' individual requirements.
We strive to be a progressive and nurturing company, offering each individual the opportunity for personal growth, pride, and satisfaction in his or her work.
We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, recognized for our business integrity and social awareness.

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