Kumagai Gumi

President's Message

The President's Message

YasunoriSakurano, President

Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Yasunori Sakurano, President

"Inspiring Our Customers."

This is Kumagai Gumi Co. Ltd.'s business credo. Our everyday lives are supported by a multi-faceted social infrastructure. It is what our predecessors have created over the years. We consider it to be the mission of the construction industry to continue to bring this legacy into the lives of future generations.

Our society is, however, facing times in which things change at a faster pace than we have ever seen before. Along with the passage of time, the quality of life and the desires of society also change. We believe that the role of the construction industry as contemplated by the people is to understand the needs and desires of the people living in each specific time period.

The work that we, as Kumagai Gumi, have developed will continue to be passed on to society over future generations. It is also a bridge connecting the people of the past to those of the future. For this reason, our credo has always been, "Inspiring Our Customers." As a company, you can count on us for honest business practices, trustworthy construction, and faithful follow-ups.

Kumagai Gumi and its affiliated companies as a whole will continue to strive for the highest levels of achievement and customer satisfaction.

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